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Orange Flowers

Wellbeing Wednesdays

I just adore Wellbeing Wednesdays, when I get to spend the entire day outdoors!


Nature has been proven to be so beneficial for our mental and physical health, and it provides free and abundant sensory input for babies and toddlers. 


The perfect way to get over hump day, come and enjoy some time with me out in nature to slow down, breathe, enjoy the company of other parents, and take some time out with your little one.

Tree Babies (0-1 years old) and Tree Tots (1-3 years old) are held at Caldicot Castle and Country Park, and run in all weathers (unless there is a weather warning in place, or the grounds of the Castle pose a risk to safety). Each season gives us the opportunity to see our surroundings with new eyes - just come and see the magic for yourself...

Orange Flowers
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