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Forest Trees

Tree Tots

Tree Tots is the perfect session for little ones who don't want to sit still or follow the structure of a formal class. This is a special hour for you both, and together you will explore, stomp, stretch, splash in muddy puddles, hide amongst trees and run free in big open spaces! At the same time we will be using all of our senses to notice the colours, smells and sounds around us, whilst collecting things we are drawn to in a small basket ready to create a nature mandala together. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a nature craft or messy play activity together during the session.

Without realising it, you and your Tree Tot will be using mindfulness techniques and enjoying all of the amazing benefits nature has to offer!

Whilst I am here to facilitate the session, please be aware that you are responsible for your little one at all times. Please ensure that your Tree Tot is dressed appropriately for our wonderful Welsh weather, and bring along a suitable drink and snack.

Let go of any expectations - this is simply about being playful in nature and allowing your little ones to explore their senses and surroundings, whilst connecting with others. 

Tree Tots is held at Caldicot Castle Country Park on Wednesdays from 1pm - 2pm at a cost of £7 per family. Families and siblings are always welcome, and booking is essential. Tree Tots will run in all weathers, however, if the class needs to be cancelled due to severe weather or the grounds posing a health and safety risk, your booking will be carried forward to the next suitable session for you.

Forest Trees
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