Violet Flowers

Come and join the Little Pips Tummy Time Tribe!

As a fully qualified Tummy Time Practitioner with Occupational Therapist Carly Budd's Developmental Play Academy, I am super passionate about getting more babies on their tummies for play!


Did you know that babies can enjoy tummy time from birth? And that a typically developing, 3 month old baby should be building up to spending between 60 - 90 minutes on their tums every day? It sounds a lot doesn't it?! But I am here to show you lots of age appropriate, wonderful positions and activities, that broken down in to 6 - 9 x 10 minute sessions a day, really are achievable and fun! And best of all, you will be providing your baby with benefits which will last a lifetime!

Tummy time is never just popping baby on to their tummy and leaving them to it, and babies should always be laid on their back for sleep (The Lullaby Trust is a fantastic resource for safe sleep guidelines). It is a beautiful, interactive position for play to be used alongside a variety of other activities, and I am here to support you to create a play diet to meet all of your little one's developmental needs.

Here are just a few of the ways that tummy time benefits babies:

  • Babies are born with a 'C' shaped spine from being all curled up in the womb - tummy time helps support the development of the 'S' shaped spine we need for balance, flexible movement and to absorb shock.

  • Tummy time strengthens the neck and core muscles necessary for rolling, sitting, crawling and eventually walking!

  • Spending time on tummies helps to prevent the formation of flat spots on the head - this can be enjoyed from birth, with skin to skin holds and positions.

  • Tummy time gives baby proprioceptive and vestibular input, developing their awareness of their body and balance.

  • Being on their tummy encourages little ones to weight bear and push up on their arms - this will help with early mark making and handwriting skills later on!

  • Tummy time provides a beautiful opportunity for care givers to play, bond and enjoy their babies, building attachment and supporting mutual wellbeing.

I run 1 hour Tummy Time workshops every 5 weeks on a Monday and Tuesday morning. This can be booked as a single session for £10, or at the same time as booking your Pips and Piplings classes to form a 5 week term of sessions.


Please check the bookings page for upcoming dates, or email - I have a toolkit of 50 activities for you to enjoy together, and I would love for you to join my Tummy Time Tribe!

Violet Flowers