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Piplings Sensory Stretch and Sing classes are tailored to support babies development through massage, yoga, movement, song and sensory play! This class is best suited from when baby has good neck control (minimum age of 16 weeks) until they begin crawling. Please don't rush your baby if they aren't quite ready yet - there really is no need to move babies quickly through stages, and joining my lovely Pips Baby Massage class or Tummy Time Tribe in the meantime will help to naturally support their development as they move through their natural sequential pathways.

Each week you and your little one will enjoy massage strokes, baby yoga and movement to engage key areas of your baby's development. Babies thrive on rhythm and repetition to make strong connections in their brains, so you can expect lots of catchy rhymes along the way - you will also enjoy a fun sensory and or messy play activity as part of the class too, as well as an e-handbook full of ideas to continue the fun at home!

Week One: Crossing The Midline

Week Two: Vestibular Development and Proprioception

Week Three: Tummy Time

Week Four: Visual Tracking 

Sensory play themes include beach, woodland, farm, ocean, space, pond, weather, car wash, and many more! These are all specifically tailored to encourage heuristic, baby led play to support this important stage in your little ones development. This is a lovely way to explore sensory and messy play, as I will be doing all of the tidying up afterwards!

You also have the option of attending a Tummy Time workshop on the 5th week (booked separately). By this age, typically developing babies should ideally be spending between 60 - 90 minutes on their tummies each day, and this session gives you knowledge on the benefits of tummy time as well as lots of activities and resources to enjoy! 

Piplings - 4 weeks - £36

Piplings + Tummy Time Tribe Workshop - £46

With ever changing sensory play themes, lots of parents and babies repeat more than two terms of Piplings - there is also a chance to chat over a drink and biscuit towards the end of class to connect with one another, and the chance to have your photo taken at the end of term against my beautiful floral backdrop. Little Pips classes are as much for the parents as they are for the babies!

Piplings leads beautifully on to Pips Play Developmental Play Gym (ages 1-3 years) as well as complimenting Tree Babies and Tree Tots Sessions

Violet Flowers