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Congratulations on Your Pregnancy!

I am an award winning teacher with 8 years of experience teaching Antenatal and Hypnobirthing classes, and I am super passionate about empowering parents with informative, upfront and evidence based education. After being completely unprepared and experiencing birth trauma with my first baby, I went on to have an empowering vaginal birth with my second, and a positive planned caesarian with twins. I therefore understand first hand just how essential it is to have the knowledge to make informed choices about your own birth journey. 


I want you know that birth education does not need to be scary - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

So many parents I have spoken to say that they initially ruled out the idea of hypnobirthing, believing that it was something reserved for those looking for more 'alternative' ways to birth. They are always surprised to learn that this is not the case at all, and that all birth choices are supported! My only goal is to leave you feeling calm, confident and empowered with the knowledge you need to work with your chosen caregiver, supporting you to have the best possible birth for you and your baby.

I have experience supporting vaginal births, caesarian births, VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian), home births, water births, and supporting parents who have previously experienced birth trauma.

Using my years of experience of teaching Antenatal and KG Hypnobirthing classes, I created two unique, straight talking and empowering Pip'nobirthing classes - a 4 hour workshop for couples, and a 6 week course for women and pregnant people.


























Held on Sunday evenings from 6pm - 7.30pm in Caldicot, Monmouthshire, this is a beautiful course where you will not only learn lots of education, tools and techniques to use throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, but you will also meet others to share your journey with. With a class Facebook and WhatsApp group, as well as our free Little Pips Cuppa Club (held on Friday mornings), this is the perfect way to join our supportive and friendly community! Education is currently delivered via pre recorded videos in a closed class Facebook group, meaning that you can still join classes without the need to meet face to face, and your birth partner can watch them too! Our optional weekly meet ups are then a great opportunity for those who wish to catch up, recap education, and enjoy a guided relaxation together... bliss!

Pip'nobirthing 6 Week Course Overview:

Week One: Your Amazing Uterus, The Cervix, Oxygen, and The Fear - Tension - Pain Cycle.


Week Two: Hypnobirthing, The Power of Language, and The 'Up' Breath.


Week Three: Active Birth, Rebozo Techniques, and The Use of Birthing Aids.


Week Four: Consent and Choice, Birth Proposals, and Your Medical Options: Pain Relief, Induction, Assisted Birth, Caesarians.


Week Five: The 2nd and 3rd Stages of Labour, The 'Down' Breath, Perineum Massage, Pelvic Floor Exercises.


Week Six: The Importance of the Birth Environment, The Golden Hour, and Postnatal Tips.

These classes are suitable after your 20 week scan, and are suited to all birth journeys. Terms begin on the first Sunday of January, March, May, July, September, and November, at a cost of £70.


This 4 hour session is the perfect add on to the 6 week course, or can be enjoyed on it's own as a standalone workshop. Friendly, relaxed and informative, this class is suitable for the birthing parent plus up to 2 birth partners.

You will learn:


1. The Stages of Labour.


2. The Uterus, Cervix, and The Fear - Tension - Pain Cycle.


3. Breathing and Hypnobirthing Techniques.


4. Active Birth Techniques and The Use of Birthing Aids.


5. Consent and Choice, Birth Proposals, and Your Medical Options: Pain Relief, Induction, Assisted Birth, Caesarians.


6. The Role of the Birthing Partner.


7. Massage for Labour Techniques.


8. Postnatal Tips.

This workshop is suitable for all birth journeys, and is booked as a private, bespoke session in your own home which can be tailored to your individual circumstances. This session is at a cost of £160 (fuel charges may apply).

Follow the link below to book onto an upcoming term, or drop me a message via the contact form to be added to a waiting list or book a private session, or get in touch via the contact form. I feel blessed to be able to support parents at such a special time, and I love being able to offer continuity of care at a time when you need it the most.

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