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Welcome to Pip'nobirthing!


I LOVE teaching antenatal classes, and in 2018 I was awarded the Antenatal Teacher of the Year Award at the incredible MAMA Awards held in Glasgow - to this day, it really is one of my greatest achievements!


I trained to teach Antenatal and KG Hypnobirthing classes following my own experience of birth trauma with my first baby. I discovered first hand just how much more empowering my subsequent births were, despite one of those being a drug free, intervention free vaginal birth, and one being a planned caesarian with twins - knowledge really is power!


  • Is a 6 week course to help prepare you for all birth journeys, and is suitable from 20 weeks of pregnancy. I recommend that you choose a term which ends before you turn 37 weeks, to ensure the best chance of completing the full course. 

  • This course is suitable no matter how many little ones you may already have, is suitable for all birth journeys, and costs £90 for the 6 week term.

  • It runs 6 times a year, beginning in January, March, May, July, September and November.

  • Education is delivered weekly by pre recorded videos in to a closed class Facebook group, which you can watch with your birth partner with no need for an additional couples workshop - and the beauty of this is that you can watch them as many times as you like! The videos will be available until the last person in the group has had their baby.

  • You are then able to attend up to  6 optional weekly face to face sessions held at Portskewett Recreation Hall on Sundays from 6pm - 7.30pm, for mums to be and pregnant people to connect, chat, go over education and enjoy a guided relaxation - bliss! (Please note that birth partners do not attend this face to face meet to ensure that single parents or those who are pregnant in difficult circumstances feel safe and supported ♡).

  • Classes are supportive of all birth journeys, and will provide you with all of the information you need to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and birth

  • Breathing techniques, active birth, hypnobirthing, medical options, caesarian birth, birth proposals, and so much more... whatever your journey, I am here to empower you with knowledge!

We cover the following education:

  • Week One: Your amazing uterus, the cervix, the importance of oxygen, and the Fear - Tension - Pain Cycle.

  • Week Two: Hypnobirthing for all journeys, the 'Up Breath', the mind and body connection, and the importance of language.

  • Week Three: Active Birth, movement for pregnancy and labour, rebozo, and the use of birthing aids.

  • Week Four: Medical week, covering informed choice, consent, your pain relief options, induction methods, assisted delivery, and caesarian birth.

  • Week Five: The 2nd and 3rd Stages of Labour, The 'Down Breath', Perineum Massage, Pelvic Floor Exercises, and reducing the risk of tearing.

  • Week Six: The Golden Hour, postnatal tips, and bringing it all together.

Also, you can make friends to share your journey with - having a support network before your baby arrives can make those early days of parenting so much easier. Each class has a WhatsApp group to continue chatting between and after sessions.

Finally, with newborn workshops, baby classes, toddlers classes and breastfeeding support, Little Pips is here for you offering continuity of care at a time when your world is constantly changing.

These popular classes do fill quickly, so be sure to book in plenty of time - I do have unlimited space for anyone wanting to join online only, just drop me an email at - online parents still have access to the WhatsApp group too!

Happy Birthing!

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