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I am a huge advocate for Paternal Mental Health, largely due to my own husband's mental health breakdown a couple of years ago. This is why I am so passionate about providing dads with opportunities to bond with their babies in those early days, whilst finding a support network to share the journey with. With so much pre and postnatal care focused on the birthing person, I endeavour to look for ways to include dad's and ensure they feel welcome in Little Pips groups.

Dads are able to to join the Dad's Social Facebook group, where they can connect and access a FREE 1 hour workshop where I share lots of tools and techniques to promote bonding, attachment, and wellbeing of both daddy and baby. 

All Little Pips classes are open to Dads and little ones, with the exception of the face to face element of the Pip'nobirthing course, and Pips Baby Massage and Postnatal Wellbeing Circle, purely due to the nature of the sessions. Dads, you are always welcome to:

Newborn Soothe Settle and Sleep

Tummy Time Tribe

Piplings Sensory Stretch and Sing

Pips Play

Little Tree Huggers

Little Pips Cuppa Club

and the online element of Pip'nobirthing.

Dad's Baby Massage sessions will be starting again once a permanent premises has been secured, but in the meantime please do enjoy the FREE baby massage video in the Dad's Facebook Group and drop me an email if you have any questions or need support -

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