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I am a huge advocate for Paternal Mental Health, largely due to my own husband's mental health breakdown a couple of years ago. This is why I am so passionate about providing dads with opportunities to bond with their babies in those early days, whilst finding a support network to share the journey with. With so much pre and postnatal care focused on the birthing person, I love to give dads the chance to learn tools and techniques to use at home, whilst also giving them a space to ask questions, talk with other dads, and feel heard.

Dads are able to to join the Dad's Social Facebook group, where they can connect and access a FREE 1 hour workshop where I share lots of tools and techniques to promote bonding, attachment, and wellbeing of both daddy and baby. Once guidelines allow, I will also be running a free to access fortnightly face to face drop in session at The Cellar Bar and Kitchen in Caldicot, so that dads are able to meet and chat, whilst I will be on had to answer any questions relating to pregnancy, birth and parenting, and also be able to signpost to further support and resources if needed.


I also run monthly Dad and Baby Bonding and Baby Massage sessions suitable for babies up to around 5 months of age.


Usually held on the first Sunday of each month in Caldicot, we explore baby massage, calming holds and tummy time, with time for a drink and biscuit at the end to connect and talk. 

Mums are welcome to stay nearby in an adjacent space for ease of breastfeeding, and I bring along plenty of soft bodied dolls just in case baby is sleeping or feeding throughout the class!

Each session lasts for 1 hour.

Held on the first Sunday of each month - £10 

Violet Flowers