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Two... it's a big age, with big emotions!

I wont lie, my second child nearly broke me. I remember him having one particularly epic tantrum when we were having a play date at home, and as our visitors hastily left with their seemingly perfectly behaved children, I am ashamed to say that I shouted at him asking him why he couldn't just be normal.

It breaks my heart now, because I know that he WAS being normal... he was 2 years old!

He had so many physical skills in such an exciting and colourful word, but he didn't yet have the cognitive skills to use them appropriately or be able to process the big emotions that came with it all. He was being bundled from one activity or play date to the next, and he just could not process it all. Inevitably overwhelm would set in and he would scream and shout and throw, and I would shout, which would make him scream more, and so on and so on...

Sound familiar? 

My experience with my twins was a much more positive and enjoyable experience, and the difference was that I empowered myself with information to positively support their development... and now I am thrilled to be sharing that information with you as a Little Wildflower Terrific Two's Practitioner!


  • Learn how physical development happens so rapidly at this age that their cognitive processing and emotional regulation gets left behind!

  • Why the 'naughty step' doesn't work.

  • Why connection is key.

  • How to reduce overwhelm to avoid toddler melt downs.

  • How to respond in a gentle way.


  • A printable workbook for parents.

  • A printable Calm Down Toolkit.

  • Printable Montessori inspired routine cards.

  • A calming toddler reflexology routine.

  • Sensory play and yoga ideas to support development.


Terrific Two's Workshop

£15 per family.

 Delivered via a closed Facebook Group.

Lifetime access to pre-recorded videos.

Printable handbook and resources.

Support every step of the way.

Pay via the Booking page, and then drop me an email to join, or get in touch via the contact page.

Orange Flowers