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Postnatal Recovery Massage.

In January 2020, I was lucky enough to be trained in Postnatal Recovery Massage by the inspirational Sophie Messager, author of the amazing book, "Postnatal Recovery Matters"(an absolute must read!).

As part of my training, I received a Postnatal Recovery Massage myself, and I was moved by how incredibly nurturing it was. For the first time in a long time, I felt my body held, honoured, and treated with kindness, after bringing 4 little ones in to the world. I truly wish for every mother to have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful experience.

This beautiful massage is carried out in the comfort of your own home on my massage table, and involves me using a rebozo shawl to rock and bind the mother's body, together with an extensive massage of the abdomen, hips, waist, ribs, chest, shoulders and arms with massage oil. Mama is then wrapped in rebozo scarves at the end of the treatment, and left to rest a little longer whilst listening to some beautiful music of your choice. There really is no other feeling quite like it!

Each session lasts between 60 - 90 minutes, which also includes and optional foot bath, herbal or decaf tea / coffee, time to talk about motherhood, time to rest, and the beautiful massage itself.

Although the physical benefits of Postnatal Recovery Massage are most significant in the months following birth, this is a beautiful treatment for any mother... to be held in the way we hold our children is something so wonderful! I was 5 years postpartum when I received my first massage, and it felt so special to honour all that my body had been through and achieved.

New mothers must be at least 6 weeks post caesarian at the time of the massage. Other contraindications may apply - please email me at to book and I will be more than happy to discuss any personal requirements with you.


Postnatal Recovery Massage

Cost: £40 (travel costs may apply)


Where: In the comfort of your own home. I will arrive and set up in your chosen space, and you will be left to relax in peace and serenity at the end of the 60-90 minute session. 

This is the perfect gift for a pregnant or new mother, and vouchers are available.

Email to talk through and arrange your booking.

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