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I remember feeling so much pressure to potty train with my first child, and it was a stressful experience for us both. Looking back, he just wasn't ready, and I was trying to force him to do something based on what I thought we 'should' be doing.

As a Little Wildflower trained Potty Training Practitioner, I now fully understand that children need to be physically, emotionally and cognitively ready to successfully potty train, and these things often don't all occur at the same time! Understanding how little ones bodies and brains develop will help you choose the right time for your own child, using child led, playful techniques to support and reassure them along the way.


  • What is a Child Led Approach?

  • Physical Development.

  • Dealing with Constipation.

  • Recognising Physical Cues.

  • What is 'Cognitive Development'?

  • Emotional Readiness. 

  • Understanding how to deal with regression, Refusal and Accidents.

  • How to say Goodbye to Nappies!

  • Night Time Readiness.

You will also receive:

  • A printable handbook for parents.

  • A printable play booklet to support your child's cognitive development even before they are ready to start their journey, with printable sequencing cards and ideas to help make potty training a positive experience!

This workshop is currently delivered via a friendly closed Facebook group, which you can join at anytime. At a cost of £10, you will have access to 2 workshop videos and a printable handbook and play pack to support your potty training journey. You will have lifetime access to the group so you only ever need to join once, and you are free to ask questions and support other parents along the way!

So, whether you are already potty training, experiencing regression, or simply want to be prepared for what is to come, just follow the booking link to pay online, then drop me an email at or via the contact from to be added to the closed Facebook group where you can access the workshop and resources. I would love to support you!


Pips Playful Potty Training

£10 per family.

Delivered via a closed Facebook Group.

Lifetime access to pre-recorded videos.

Printable handbooks and resources.

Support every step of the way!

Orange Flowers