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Welcome To Little Pips Play.

I am so passionate about the impact of the first 1001 days on a child's long term development. From the womb to the world and beyond, attachment, connection, nurturing touch and play are at the heart of everything I do.

Each of my classes are entirely baby and child led and developmentally appropriate, and they are designed to support your little one as their brain grows. When babies are born, their brains are only around 20% developed, but by the age of 3 years it will have grown to around 80-90% of it's adult size - the amount of skills the brain learns in this time is amazing!

Therefore, the early experiences little ones go through from birth form a blueprint for future learning and experiences, and I am here to support you to create a beautiful play diet for your baby. We do this through positive touch, being responsive to cues, playful interaction, nature based play, and activities to support physical, cognitive and emotional development.

I am also here for those big milestones too, such as weaning, potty training, and negotiating the 'terrific twos!'

Classes available (click to find out more):

Tree Babies

Pips 4th Trimester Baby Massage

Piplings Sensory Stretch and Sing

Pips Play Developmental Play Gym

Tree Tots

Tummy Time Tribe

Playful Potty Training

Terrific Two's!

Violet Flowers